Dakota Angler's 2-Minute Fishing Report

Todd Heitkamp, the owner of Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls, SD, provides the latest fishing report for eastern South Dakota and the Tri-State area.


Authored By DakotaAngler Admin

Last updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Northeast South Dakota Lake Fishing Report Enemy Swim Bluegills fair and a few walleyes. Horseshoe Limited reports. Pelican Few reports. Dry Lake #2(By Willow Lake) Few walleyes and perch. Big Stone Lake Few perch and walleyes. Poinsett Few perch and walleye. Lake Hendricks A few walleyes. Bitter Lake Few walleyes and perch. Waubay Few walleyes and perch. Reetz N/A. Dry Lake #3 (By Florence) Few walleyes. Pickerel Lake Few walleyes and crappies. West Oakwood Few perch. Swan Lake Few pike. Lake Kampeska Few walleyes. Piyas Few perch. Blue Dog Few walleyes. Lake Cochrane Few...

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